Training & Coaching

Accredited Management Training and Development Programs are just the beginning. Our consulting team combines intelligence, theory, proven methodologies and current acceptable trends with practical, custom-designed programs unique to your organisation’s needs, workforce and culture.

In designing training programs, we include your unique industry and/or workplace challenges in our design, so we can address such challenges during the delivery of our training course and leave you with achievable objectives to truly change your business for the better. Sometimes the secondary message is of greater importance than the original brief, and topics are uncovered while rectifying other sensitive issues.

Whether you are seeking training and development in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Team Building, Recruitment and Retention, Leadership and Management, Human Resources, or have other needs, we will achieve outstanding, measurable outcomes that lead to direct benefits for your organisation’s profitability, culture and climate.

Some of our key specialisations include:

Leadership, Management & Organisation Professional Presentation Skills Customer Service
Sales & Marketing Methodologies Communication Skills Management Development and Performance Appraisal
Change Management Meeting and Time Management Interviewing, Selection and Train-the-Trainer
Strategic Planning Team Building Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Recruitment Skills for Hiring Managers & Selection Panels

Ensure that your team makes the right hiring decisions every time.

Understanding the foundations of best practice recruitment and selection panel interview skills and techniques are critically important in ensuring that your employees make the right hiring decisions when you are undertaking a recruitment process internally.

Stillwell Management Consultants is a market leading firm offering absolute best practice recruitment processes.  To book a Recruitment Skills & Interview Technique session please contact us today.  We have the experts and facilitation abilities to offer this training for individuals or groups.

Upon completion of this course your hiring managers will be able to:

  • Develop and prepare recruitment, selection and induction policies and procedures
  • Prepare job and person specifications according to relevant legislation
  • Understand the fundamental differences between attracting different candidate segments
  • Assess and select the most appropriate advertising channels to attract a relevant and suitable candidate pool
  • Complete effective and relevant reference checking
  • Assess whether there is a need for psychological profiling, psychometric testing, personality profiling or skills testing, and how to accurately interpret and understand reports provided by an external provider
  • Understand the difference between structured and unstructured interviews
  • Write the right interview questions
  • Effectively participate and add value to an interview process, assessing candidates against agreed selection criteria and cultural requirements
  • Recognise and combat subconscious bias to avoid incorrect candidate assessment
  • Host effective post interview panel discussions and debriefs
  • Provide successful candidates with employment contracts and other relevant documentation
  • Prepare for the successful candidate's first day in your organisation
  • Obtain formal feedback from the successful candidate and his/her hiring manager throughout the probation period