Find Your Next Opportunity

Stillwell Management Consultants is trusted with the recruitment of positions at all levels including Administration, Management, Senior Management and Senior Executive Positions.

Resume Preparation

Interviewers can spend as little as 20 seconds reviewing your resume or as much as 45 minutes checking it word for word. At either end of the spectrum; a resume that reflects your professionalism and desire to win and perform in the role you are applying for is equally as important.

Career Guidance & Remuneration Consultation

Whether you’re no longer finding fulfilment in your position, you’re unemployed and failing to get noticed or you are having workplace issues related to something or someone; we can offer you a range of services through our Recruitment Consultants, Management Consultants and Psychologists.

Psychological Appraisal & Skills Testing

Many of our candidates want to know what potential employers will seek to find out about them during a recruitment process so that they feel more as though they are on a level playing field when being considered for positions.



Stillwell Management Consultants is a leading provider of accredited management training and development programs. We can adapt our programs to suit your individual needs in order to better equip you in your current or future position.

What Clients Are Saying

Candidate feedback – Successful Candidate in the position of Finance Manager

I am really enjoying the work and the team here and learning so much with new concepts, people, organisations and acronyms!

I also wanted to thank you and the team at Stillwell for the outstanding and professional service that I experienced during the recruitment process – from the moment I called you (and you took the call), to being offered the role!!  Candidates experience all levels of service (or not) during the job-hunting process and you and the Stillwell team certainly stand out well above the rest.  The extra effort to keep people informed goes a long way.

Candidate feedback – Successful Candidate in the position of General Manager

I just wanted to drop you a line to acknowledge the professional and exceptional interactions I experienced with Stillwell’s though my recent recruitment process and appointment to the General Manager role.  Naturally you could be forgiven for thinking I would happily provide positive feedback when I was the successful applicant, but I can assure you the outcome of the recruitment process is not reflected in the intent of this email.

Melissa as my key contact was exceptional.  She was not only informative, fulsome and responsive with information, but with each conversation she was positive and appropriately encouraging.  As an applicant this put me at great ease and ensured there were no surprises at any of the recruitment stages.  The additional support and communications via Tess and Natalie also reflected exceptionally on your business.

To have the short introduction and ‘pep talk’ with yourself prior to the interview, was greatly appreciated.  For you to take time out of your busy schedule to provide me with some handy interview reminders and reinforce me as a candidate has certainly left a lasting impression.

I was already impressed with Stillwell’s through the work I had previously undertaken with Lauren and this recent recruitment process only reinforced the professionalism of your business and high calibre of staff within.  As you no doubt are, you should be very impressed with the business you have built, and I look forward to continuing the working relationship in my new role.