Organisational Development

Does it feel like your organisation is not achieving its full potential? Maybe you are experiencing challenges within your team or other internal and external factors which stunt your organisation's growth? Are you keeping good ideas to yourself, and worry that others in the organisation are doing the same?

Organisational Development is the practice of unlocking and harnessing the potential of people and organisations. We lead programs to empower your leaders and employees, enforce, shift, change or inspire cultural reform, manage change practically and effectively and ensure that your workforce is engaged, utilised and working as one.

Typical outcomes of our programs will be improved efficiency, better working relationships and culture, empowering your team with greater control over how they do their jobs, and achieving a greater sense of purpose and relevance in an ever changing working world. For some of our clients, our programs act as a finger on the pulse or health check and for others, we genuinely transform the entire way they do business.

Achieve greater personal, professional and organisation-wide success with Stillwell.

Areas We Can Help:

  • Leadership development and management
  • Future Leaders/Stars programs – assisting with identifying internal talent, assessing likelihood of leadership success compared with others in your market, and undertaking structured, formal, multi-tiered leadership development programs
  • Assisting clients of all shapes and sizes, in all industries - with comprehensive organisational development and re-development in light of changing workplace and market forces
  • Designing Management Development and Performance Appraisal systems linked with Remuneration and Performance Management in order to provide comprehensive data regarding productivity and efficiency of their workforce; and to provide an objective basis for remuneration management
  • Organisational Climate Surveys designed to measure staff and managerial attitudes to the organisation which in turn provide objective cues for training and development programmes, organisational structuring, team building and coaching and mentoring exercises
  • Combining custom designed organisational development programmes that are specific to your organisational needs – taking into consideration proven methodologies vs fads and buzzwords
  • Corporate and Strategic Planning specialising in human resource management systems while encompassing the broadest base of functional organisation
  • Sales & marketing strategy
  • Conflict resolution and mediation