Organisational Psychology

If you are looking to select the best candidate, or you want to better understand your team so you can bring out their best, Organisational Psychology can help.

We primarily deliver Organisational Psychology in two forms: for recruitment purposes to help you make the most informed decisions and mitigate risk in the selection process, and for non-recruitment purposes to accelerate existing staff performance, help teams to function harmoniously and guide staff and managers through people, performance and organisation or industry specific challenges.

Organisational Psychology For Recruitment

Organisational Psychology in recruitment helps you to understand vastly more information about a candidate than a resume, recruiter or referee can provide. Through combining the latest testing technologies and trends with proven interpretation by our Registered Psychologists you will make better informed decisions and reduce unsuccessful recruitment outcomes while gaining valuable insight into how to best lead and manage your new staff by playing to their strengths and understanding their development areas. Over time, the data and insights you gain will help you to more effectively lead and manage your workforce.

General Organisational Psychology 

We undertake similar testing and interpretation for non-recruitment activities such as leadership development, conflict resolution, team building and identifying gaps in your organisation. Organisational Psychology is described as “the science of people at work” and we have a highly experienced in-house team of registered, qualified Psychologists and Organisational Psychologists ready to help you get the most out of your, or your people’s, performance. Whether you need a sophisticated intervention for a complex issue or wish to have insight into practical tips for accelerated performance, we can provide a tailored solution that has a lifelong impact. Contact us for more information about these services including executive coaching, targeted skills development (assertiveness, resilience, negotiation, communication or any other topic), presentation skills techniques, career advice, or any issue that concerns the science of people at work.


Some of the areas we can help include:

Performance Assessment Organisational Culture Improvement Psychological Appraisal and Counselling
Skills and Aptitude Pre-Screening for Recruitment Conflict Resolution Expert Witness and Medico-Legal Reporting
Outplacement Counselling Self-Awareness Consulting Input to Coaching and Mentoring Programs
Evaluation of Individual and Team Potential Input into Succession Planning Programs Human Resource Consulting

Psychometric Testing

We use only the best available tests in the market which are based on relevant norms. We’re accredited to administer and interpret a huge range of psychometric tests and can advise you on the best solutions for your psychometric testing needs.