How would your organisation differ if you recruited only the best people, had the right tools and training to better manage and retain them, and if your existing workforce was completely engaged and utilised?


Are you looking to recruit and retain great people who will contribute positively to your organisation’s culture and growth?


Our team of highly experienced, specialist recruitment consultants is committed to building lasting client relationships while delivering excellence. Combining our local, national and international networks, the latest advertising technologies and the most robust recruitment practices in the market; we find, assess, attract and deliver high-performing candidates to your organisation.

Organisational Psychology

If you are looking to select the best candidate or you want to better understand your team so you can bring out their best, Organisational Psychology can help.


We primarily deliver Organisational Psychology in two forms: for recruitment purposes to help you make the most informed decisions and mitigate risk in the selection process, and for non-recruitment purposes to accelerate existing staff performance, help teams to function harmoniously and guide staff and managers through people, performance and organisation or industry specific challenges.

Organisational Development

Does it feel like your organisation is not achieving its full potential? Maybe you are experiencing challenges within your team or other internal and external factors which stunt your organisation's growth?


We provide tailored programs to help your leaders and employees improve efficiency, create better working relationships and culture, have greater control over how they do their jobs and reduce employee turnover. For some of our clients, our programs act as a finger on the pulse or health check and for others, we transform the entire way they do business. We develop tomorrow’s leaders while addressing today’s challenges with practical, expertly designed programs unique to your organisation, workforce and industry.

Training & Coaching

If you are not concerned about your organisation’s future relevance, you should be. Successful organisations of the future will move swiftly, adapt quickly, learn with rapidity and learn to succeed while feeling uncomfortable. We facilitate practical, leading-edge training and development programs designed to harness and maximise the extent to which your employees will help you manage your organisation today, while being relevant tomorrow.

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What Our Clients Say

Automotive Industry

The program that Stillwell Management Consultants delivers to our staff has been judged a being the
most innovative and highest quality of any such programs introduced to our business globally – it is the
best in the world.

Government Chief Executive - Volume Recruitment Exercise

I just wanted to let you know our new recruits are fantastic! Each of them has brought something quite extraordinary to the organisation as we move forward and I am forever grateful.  Hope to catch up soon! 

Board Director Recruitment

(Client name withheld) now has its full complement of directors and I wish to express my thanks on behalf of the recruitment committee for the contribution to the process by you and your staff. Whilst there are many positive points about the type of service delivery I could refer to, the few that stood out were (in no particular order):

Understanding our needs;
Speed of service;
Frequency and sufficiency of communication;
Quality candidate list;
Excellent candidate reports – in particular your ability to accurately identify core character and personality traits; and
Availability during the pre-Christmas mayhem.

Thank you!

Aged Care Sector

Amanda has been fantastic and a true asset to us. She is organised, efficient, manages her
workload well, only had to be shown tasks once, and I could rely on her to get things done even
though we are short staffed and it is a bit crazy here at the moment.

Local Government Sector

Firstly, thank you for the fabulous workshop that our General Management Leadership Team and myself undertook last week. The team has already started the process of implementing new programs to keep the momentum going on what we have learned.

Not for Profit Sector

Thank you again for your facilitation, input and hard work on our organisational review.

Board members were very pleased with the outcome and process of yesterday’s workshop, and our Chair, in particular, expressed her pleasure with your facilitation.

I have really enjoyed the work as well as the thoroughness, expertise and flexibility you have brought to the project.  I am also keen to speak to you about outplacement support options through Stillwell for the staff in roles which are made redundant.  In my previous role, I received very good feedback about Stillwell outplacement support you provided to employees.

Waste Sector

I couldn’t let our last experience with Stillwell’s pass without acknowledging your exceptional service.

You assisted me for some time to plan a team building afternoon and as always this preparation was thorough and well planned.

The quality of service provided by Stillwell’s is always exceptional and with every interaction, regardless of staff member, I am even more impressed with the delivery.  We value our relationship with Stillwell’s and look forward to continuing.

Education Sector

We are keen for a few more of our senior middle management staff to undertake the testing we have done previously.  Also, [staff name withheld] is just finishing her first week here and is already outstanding.  The quality of the professional conversations that I have already been able to have with her is a stark contrast to what we had previously.  I will look forward to hearing from your team and to them working with our staff.

Information Technology Sector

I’d like to send a big thank you for the Leadership workshop you developed and facilitated for our employees this week.

The feedback I have received since the workshop completion has been tremendously positive and you should be proud. More specifically, the content was accurate for our specific needs and you worked extremely well together and had the room fully engaged at all times. Overall, there has only been positive or constructive feedback.

When I attended dinner with the group after day one, I could already sense a change and a level of openness that was interesting for a group that have had limited interaction with each other.

We believe the work you did with our people is going to be advantageous and we’re looking forward to what they bring in the near and long term future as Leaders of the business.

Waste Management Sector

…the workshop was exactly on point for what I wanted and as always delivered perfectly. The leadership team have all commented on how good it was and the benefit they derived, so very much a valuable spend of time and $$.

As always, really enjoy working with you and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Industries Our Clients Work Across

Accounting Advertising Aged Care Agriculture
Architecture Auctions Automotive Banking & Finance
Broadcasting Building & Construction Business Advisory Charities
Chemicals Childcare Communications Community Services
Diagnostic Distribution Defence Education & Training
Emergency Services Engineering Entertainment Exploration
Financial Services FMCG Food & Beverage Gaming & Hospitality
Genset Technology Government Healthcare & Medical Human Resources
Import & Export Information Technology Software Development Insurance
Investments Laser/Fibre Optics Lead Smelting Legal
Manufacturing Membership Organisations Mining, Oil & Gas Natural Gas
Not for Profit Pharmaceutical Political Power & Utilities
Printing Production Professional Services Property Management
Psychology Publishing Real Estate Recruitment
Resources & Geothermal Retail Renewable Energy & Batteries Robotics
Tourism Telecommunications Transportation Transport & Storage
Artificial Intelligence Utilities Wholesale Trade Wine

About Us

Since 1987, the Stillwell name has been synonymous in South Australia with Executive Recruitment, HR Consulting, Organisational Development and Psychological Services. Established in 2001, Stillwell Management Consultants has been helping organisations from all over the world build great teams, create healthy and high-performance workplaces and drive growth.

We are independent, privately owned and employ an outstanding team of South Australians to deliver a full range of management consulting services - specialising in Recruitment, Human Resource Management, Executive Search, Outplacement, Organisational Development, Organisational Psychology and Training and Development Services.