Human Resource Consulting

We Offer Skilled Human Resource Consulting

At Stillwell Management Consultants, we’re a high-quality human resource consulting firm with a proven record of delivering excellent human resources for organisations across Australia. We repeatedly endeavour to offer tailored Employee Relations solutions to our customers. Our human resource consulting experts are dedicated to helping you establish HR and Employee Relations in your organisation to run smoothly. With our HR experts aboard, you can focus on driving other aspects of your organisation. We're well equipped with decades' worth of experience in catering to unique organisational needs. This significantly allows us to assist businesses in steering their workplace relations in the right direction.

Human Resource Consulting

Stillwell Management Consultants – Your Trusted Human Resource Consulting Experts

We take immense pride in our presence as one of Australia's most established HR consulting firms. We are regarded as a professional human resource consulting team to assist businesses in steering in the right direction. We work with a customised approach to help the organisation in achieving their desired results. Having our human resource consulting team by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your business will accelerate with more support. We offer an extensive range of HR products and services that we proudly tailor as per the support level you desire. Businesses trust us with their human resource consulting because you can expect efficient results that ensures organisational success.

Allow Us To Cater To Your Employee Management Needs

The human resource consulting experts at Stillwell Management Consultants believe that it is better to be proactive while managing your employees. It is always prodigious to take appropriate measures and get in touch with our HR experts. Prevention is the best option, and this is what we excel in assisting a range of businesses with.

Human Resource Consulting Team At Your Service

At Stillwell Management Consultants, we firmly believe in regulating our products and services as per our clients’ needs. This is the reason why we’re constantly refining our working approach and methodologies to offer you the best value-for-money. We’re a renowned human resource consulting and outsourcing firm in Australia for a reason. Our success is a delivery of the exceptional services that we’ve been offering over the years. We firmly believe that an experienced human resource consulting expert is a proficient choice for your business. With traits like expertise, experience, and attention to detail, we’re a reliable team of HR consultants.

We’re Quality-Driven To The Very Core

Having our human resource consulting specialists by your side, you’re entitled to pragmatic services that are second to none. We assist organisations with appropriate employment management techniques that can significantly mitigate their exposure and risks associated with your organisation.

Our services have been designed to offer value to your organisation right when you need us the most. Get in touch with the human resource consulting experts at Stillwell Management Consultants by contacting (08) 8212 0999.


Managing Director – Automotive Industry

The program that Stillwell Management Consultants delivers to our staff has been judged a being the
most innovative and highest quality of any such programs introduced to our business globally – it is the
best in the world.

Aged Care Sector

Amanda has been fantastic and a true asset to us. She is organised, efficient, manages her
workload well, only had to be shown tasks once, and I could rely on her to get things done even
though we are short staffed and it is a bit crazy here at the moment.