Solutions To Assist You Through COVID-19

All of our core services and products are able to be facilitated through virtual means. We
can assist you with all of the following and more:

  • RECRUITMENT | Recruit, or assist with recruitment of staff at any level from frontline to executive, temporary to permanent: our comprehensive, market-leading approach can all be done online
  • OUTPLACEMENT | Provide outplacement support to organisations and employees where redundancies and career transitions are unavoidable as a result of COVID-19 impacts
  • STRATEGIC REINVENTION | Facilitate emergency strategic planning and crisis management discussions with your Executive team: it is vital that previous strategic plans be translated to suit the changing timeframes, opportunities and threats occurring in our new business landscape
  • LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT | Provide training in leadership, performance management, high performance working, recruitment, managing bullying and harassment and specific skills acquisition e.g. sales techniques
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT | Design, facilitate or assist with change management programs in response to COVID-19
  • TEAM BUILDING | Conduct team building sessions
  • COACHING | Provide coaching to executives dealing with personal and organisational demands, complexities, pressures and challenges of leading through COVID-19
  • BOARD SUPPORT | Provide support to Boards engaging in crisis responding
  • CAREER MANAGEMENT | Provide career management support to individuals undergoing transitions or job losses as a result of COVID-19 including job search support, cover letter and CV preparation, interview skills training, vocational guidance and counselling
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING | Provide psychological counselling to help individuals and organisations with specific issues arising through COVID-19