Executive Search & Selection

Stillwell Management Consultants is most famous for its comprehensive range of Executive and Director search and selection services specialising in middle to upper level appointments. Stillwell Management Consultants employs completely confidential, efficient and thorough methodologies to satisfy employers' and candidates' needs in matching their respective requirements, leading to highly successful appointments across all industries.

Structured interviewing, comprehensive reference checking, psychometric assessment, careful attention to employers' detailed selection criteria and advanced internationally recognised selection techniques are the hallmarks of the Stillwell approach. Our cost-effective and high profile media advertising methodologies provide outstanding results in conjunction with our structured search techniques where appropriate. Our value-added service provides comprehensive consultancy advice to aid in the search and selection process covering issues such as current marketplace remuneration trends, employment contractual advice, management development and performance appraisal information, and management training and development information.

Psychological Appraisal Included

Stillwell Management Consultants include full psychological appraisal on all shortlisted candidates candidates for each and every recruitment assignment at no extra cost to the client. 

All psychological appraisals are done entirely in-house, ensuring absolute consistency of service. This is an important factor to consider when comparing executive recruitment firms.

Temporary & Contract Staff

Stillwell Select Recruitment is the division of Stillwell Management Consultants that offers Temporary & Contract staff at all levels, across all tiers of the Public and Private Sector.

For more information please visit or contact 08 8118 8118.