Organisational Development

Stillwell Management Consultants employs highly experienced and registered psychologists, accredited management training and development consultants, organisational development specialists and remuneration and performance appraisal advisers to offer our clients a comprehensive range of OD specialist services.

These include:

  • Assisting clients in all industries with comprehensive organisational restructuring in the light of changing workplace and marketplace forces;
  • Designing Management Development and Performance Appraisal systems linked with Remuneration Management in order to provide our clients with comprehensive data regarding productivity and efficiency of their workforce; and to provide an objective basis for remuneration management;
  • Organisational Climate Surveys designed to measure staff and managerial attitudes to the organisation which in turn provide objective cues for training and development programmes, organisational structuring, team building, coaching and mentoring programmes;
  • Corporate and Strategic Planning specialising in human resource management systems while encompassing the broadest base of organisational functioning.