Career & Vocational Guidance

Stillwell Management Consultants has a rich history of having provided a valuable service to young Australians who are towards the end of their secondary schooling or undertaking tertiary studies.

We provide practical and detailed advice based on valid and reliable psychometric instruments to pinpoint suitable future careers taking into account personality characteristics, intellectual capabilities, attitudes and values, vocational aptitudes, interests and other special qualities. In addition, workers in all age groups regularly undertake the comprehensive career guidance service provided by Stillwell Management Consultants in order to readjust career plans, seek new opportunities, undertake further training or education, or simply to confirm that the current career path is the most appropriate. Our cost-effective techniques provide clear-cut, practically-oriented advice to the widest range of students and workers looking to realise their full potential in their application to work and study.

Stillwell Management Consultants has a comprehensive, state-of-the-art battery of psychometric instruments which are used as a matter of course in executive search and selection assignments. The same instruments are also used by the firm in providing specialised medico-legal reporting for the Courts.