Current Positions

Please click above to view our list of current positions available.  We encourage you to visit Stillwell Select Recruitment to view more permanent roles as well as a range of temporary and contract positions.

Career Guidance

Regardless of what stage your career is at, we can offer expert career guidance to you.  Combining our unmatched experience and the most reliable and exclusive psychometric assessment, our career guidance always proves effective.

Outplacement & Relocation Services

Stillwell Management Consultants in combining its substantial expertise in executive search and selection, management training and development, psychological appraisal, career and vocational guidance and business networking is a highly effective provider of the full range of outplacement counselling and relocation services to client employers who, through organisational restructuring, must outplace existing staff or executives.

Our approach is characterised by providing timely and realistic practical advice to candidates and employers; quickly determining the most appropriate course of action from the counselling perspective and the approach to prospective new employers; providing close support to candidate and employer throughout the outplacement counselling process and in actively canvassing the labour market to seek out relocation opportunities.

Stillwell's Outplacement Counselling and Relocation service is characterised by confidentiality, timeliness, energy, efficiency and ultimately successful results in relocation.